Best Lawyers For Veterans?

Veterans Legal Services Clinic (VLCS) is a non-profit organization, founded in 1975 by former law students and attorneys from Harvard Law School. VLCS is unique among legal aid organizations because it uses a “clinic” model that provides direct representation to the veterans who need it most.

In contrast to other clinics, which typically receive financial support from federal grants or private foundations, VLCS operates on an entirely volunteer basis and receives no government funding. In addition to representing clients without charge, volunteers help provide pro bono assistance with case management coordination and technical assistance related to disability claims for Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA). Through our intensive training program, volunteers also become experts in veterans’ benefits issues including estate planning and veterans’ education benefits.

Since its inception over 40 years ago at the Boston VA Hospital site, the clinic has successfully helped over 25,000 military service members claim their rights under law – including survivors of deceased veteran spouses filing for dependency compensation while still living; active duty personnel challenging delayed release orders due to medical conditions; discharged soldiers contesting pension discharges based on misconduct while serving in combat zones; Vietnam era servicemen seeking VA health care coverage for life threatening diseases caused by Agent Orange exposure or injuries sustained during combat tours of duty or later contracted infections received as result of burn wounds suffered when burning alive after being hit by enemy fire…and many others!

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