Best Lawyers For Veterans Massachussetts?

I’m looking for a lawyer that specializes in veterans law. I have been advised by the VA to hire an attorney but all I can find are lawyers who handle criminal cases, not veterans ones. Is there any sort of organization or website that lists good attorneys for housing benefits? If so how do I get on it? What are the requirements to be listed as a “veterans” lawyer?

A: You need to go through the state bar association’s office of veteran affairs directory. It is available at Their phone number is 850247-8700 and their email address is . They only list Veterans who practice in FLORIDA NOT VETERANS WHO CAN ONLY WORK WITH THE DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE AND THE MILITARY IN CONNECTICUT OR ANY OTHER STATE THAT DOESN’T ALLOW THEM TO PRACTICE LAW HERE FOR MONTHS AFTER THEY RETURN FROM ACTIVE DUTY IN VIETNAM OR IRAQ (or other war) like California does! The reason you don’t see many vets listed here, except those with military disability ratings alone, is because they can’t take advantage of free legal assistance given by this department even though they don’t pay anything towards their own legal fees (not nearly enough anyway). Only active duty service members and retirees qualify

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