Best Lawyers For Traffic Tickets?

I was turning into my block when I saw the police car pull up next to me. He signaled for me to stop, but I kept going. But he turned on his lights and sirens, which scared the hell out of me so much that I stopped immediately in front of him. The cop asked if I had anything illegal or stolen in my possession. When he realized that this wasn’t why he pulled me over, he tried asking questions about where I lived and what kind of payments were showing up on my credit card bills. Finally huffing with frustration, he grabbed both sides of my face roughly and said something like “You know you have no business being here!” And then told me to get back home before it got dark because “that’s when they all come out at night!”

When did your life start spiraling? Were you able to find a way out? What would you say are your three best tips for someone who feels stuck in their current situation?

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