Best Lawyers For The Plaintiff In Michigan?

You can’t just hire one attorney. You need to find someone who’s very good at michigan court system, will work on your case, and has the time to invest in it.

How much does an Illinois DUI lawyer cost? What is a reasonable rate? I’m thinking of hiring one for my case but I am not sure if they are worth it or not since they don’t seem to offer many guarantees….they only guarantee that you’ll win your case “and get what you’re entitled”. How do lawyers usually charge their clients? Do these attorneys give out free consultations (i.e., meet with the client first) before charging them money for their services…or do most lawyers have some sort of retainer fee where they will take up all/some or even all of your legal fees until you’ve won the case…or something along those lines?

I’d like to know more about how this works so I can be prepared when it comes time for me to hire my own lawyer(s). Thanks!

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