Best Lawyers For The People?

Why not a lawyer for the people? We need to do that.

And then, I’ll tell you what we want in a Supreme Court justice: Someone who is going to stand up and say this law violates my right to equal protection under the law. And I think that should be a pretty high standard because it means they believe in equality, but also believes our Constitution has been violated. It can’t just be about whether or not they agree with your particular policy preferences or whether or not you like them personally; it actually has to do with their understanding of the Equal Protection Clause and how it applies today and getting at those hard cases where there are issues of race, gender, class — things that have always been important here — so we can get back to making sure everyone gets an equal shake.

AMY GOODMAN: Well, let me ask Senator Sanders two questions on one subject: Hillary Clinton said she wants stronger gun control laws and more mental health services for children after shootings such as Sandy Hook Elementary School last year led her husband Bill Clinton described as “the worst day since 9/11.” President Obama called those comments unfortunate given his legislation banning assault weapons was passed shortly after Sandy Hook by Congress despite opposition from gun rights advocates such as the National Rifle Association. Now Bernie Sanders has co-sponsored legislation banning large capacity ammunition clips holding over 10 rounds which could potentially ban many semi-automatic rifles currently owned by civilians across America including AR-15s used

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