Best Lawyers For The Blind?

” That’s not a dumb question.

A second problem with the current method of choosing lawyers for the blind is that it assumes that blindness means limited vision. But if you’re visually impaired, there are no limits to what your life can look like! Blindness doesn’t make you invisible; it just determines how many things you can see—and how clearly you can see them.

What Is Vision Loss?

The eye does four basic jobs: It sees (by concentrating light in myelin-swollen nerve fibers and sending images to the brain); it focuses (using muscles in the ciliary body and recti); it translates (moving myelin-swollen axons from one point on the retina to another); and it acts as a camera by taking pictures of objects in front of us (the optic nerve carries information about where we are looking). When any one or more of these functions goes wrong, we say someone has “lost their sight.” This condition isn’t always permanent; some people regain most or even all their vision when they get treatment and succeed at retraining themselves so they use different parts of their eyes than before—for example, moving partway down to fixate on something close up while keeping other parts focused farther away. What this means is that although they don’t have perfect vision anymore, they still have enough visual function left so that reading print is possible instead of impossible!

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