Best Lawyers For Testimentary Trust?

“Do you have an answer?” I asked. This was the question that had been gnawing at me since I first heard of this phenomenon two years ago. Why would any man voluntarily give up his chance to play in the big leagues for a million dollars, even if he is being paid $1 million now? And what kind of person would trust another man with money so precious they are willing to give it away without examining him thoroughly first? It made no sense. But then again, how many men who are worth millions do ? There were only six players in my league last year who started their season with over one million dollars each. Of these six men, only three actually went into business together—and all three became millionaires after beginning their baseball careers as multimillionaires! These things just don’t happen very often. So why should anyone be surprised when they happened to Jay Backman and Michael Mason? All I could figure was that maybe some people find themselves unexpectedly rich or suddenly poor because life has dealt them a bad hand once before . . . or twice or even more than once! For example, there is no doubt about it: nearly everyone alive today grew up during the Depression era; but what happens when someone’s family loses everything during such times and never sees any real wealth for twenty years straight while living on food stamps and government assistance programs like WIC (Women Infants Children) and TEFAP (Temporary Family Assistance Program)? What

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