Best Lawyers For Suing The State?

I’m not sure we should be looking for a fair and impartial judge or trial lawyer.

We call ourselves the “imagined community,” but too often we turn to our TV screens and magazines instead of to one another for advice. If you think I was harsh toward those billboards, consider that even as I write this letter, right now in New York City there is a billboard on Sunset Boulevard with an image of Donald Trump as Adolf Hitler (or at least someone who looks like him). The sign reads: “TRUMP IS A BAD IDEA — DONALD TRUMP WILL HURT AMERICA AND THE WORLD.” You can see it yourself if you live in Los Angeles or San Francisco; all over the country there are posters and signs showing his face—and ours—as evil incarnate: slogans warning us about hate speech and threats against women. Significantly, the images show Trump holding up both hands in surrender while saying how wrong he is; when he says these things they use actual quotes from his speeches without any attribution whatsoever to what he actually said. This poster campaign has nothing to do with politics—it just happens to hit close enough to home that people might start wondering what kind of electoral outcome will happen if we let him win? And why would Hillary Clinton want anyone believing she’s anything other than competent?

I know some people will say they don’t care whether Clinton wins because she has already won by convincing us her

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