Best Lawyers For Suing Insurance Company Around Texas?

My husband and I bought a new house, and we were told that the water system was leaking. My mother signed up for coverage with our insurance company (Provident), and they suggested she call their hotline to file an insurance claim. After my mother called them on 3 separate occasions, they finally sent two different adjusters out to look at her home. The first time, the adjuster found nothing wrong with the water system – he said that there was no problem whatsoever. He left his card number so my mom could call him if anything changed over night or in the following days/weeks/months etc…Well about 5 weeks later, I started having issues with my toilet and sink – I called Provident again to let them know what had happened and asked them if they would send someone out since it’s been almost 5 weeks now since they originally came out initially. They never responded back….I’m beginning to think this is just another scam by these people who are trying to rip us off! Any advice? Should we hire an attorney?? Please help ASAP!!

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