Best Lawyers For Suing Hospitals?

2. How many times has the patient been sued?

3. Is there any evidence that this type of lawsuit is successful, or does it appear to be a waste of time and money?

Pay for Quality: Hospital Relationships

The cost of hospital-acquired infections (HAIs) can be avoided by establishing sound relationships with hospitals and other healthcare facilities. One way to do so is through the use of “pay for quality” systems such as those offered by HCA Healthcare Corporation in Nashville, TN; Tenet Healthcare Corporation in Dallas, TX; and Universal Health Services Incorporated in King County, WA. Under these programs, patients pay a small fee if their care was not up to par after they were admitted to the hospital. Hospitals also receive high marks when they meet certain performance standards regarding infection prevention practices before an individual goes into the hospital for surgery or treatment. These are posted on Web sites where consumers can review them anonymously.

Patient Billing Information Service (PBIS) Program

Hospital billing information services have become more sophisticated over time since most general practitioners routinely send bills directly from their offices via faxes or e-mail attachments without ever seeing the patients at all! Back in 1977–78 I had my first encounter with one of these services while working at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston during its early years under Drs Paul Fishman and William Pellettieri who brought with them innovative ideas about

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