Best Lawyers For Sueing Insurance Company?

I have some bad news for you. Most likely, there is no one out there who can help you, because insurance companies are powerful and able to afford the best lawyers money can buy. A lawyer will charge you at least $25 per hour. If they want to be especially nice, they’ll tell their clients that it’s only an hourly rate of around $100… but by then your case may already be lost. That’s why most people end up giving up — either through lack of funds or simple exhaustion from trying every possible avenue without success. Insurance companies don’t want to give refunds unless absolutely necessary; they would prefer to keep all profits since their policyholder has failed to follow the instructions required in order for them not get sued themselves! So if your claim was denied unfairly or short-changed on any grounds whatsoever (even negligence), I cannot even begin to imagine how difficult it must be dealing with a company like this….

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