Best Lawyers For Sueing Car Company?

So I do not know enough about the law to comment on what happened, but I can tell you that there is no way in hell that the car company could have gotten away with this. They screwed up big time and now they are trying to blame it all on their lawyer. That’s like blaming your mechanic for screwing up when he took your engine apart. He didn’t cause the problem; he was just working with what his hands were given by his boss (me). But if someone walks into a shop and says “I want my Chevy Blazer fixed right!” then doesn’t get one, then complains because it isn’t fixed.. well at least change some of those words around so it makes sense. And yes, sue me too! This kind of thing needs to be stopped before another family has their lives turned upside down over something as simple as an oil change . Happy trails everyone!

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