Best Lawyers For Sudden Money Winings?

” asked Shlomo. “What kind of lawyers will win the case for you?”

“I don’t know, I really don’t, but if it won’t get me killed I want to hire a lawyer to defend me. But how can I find them? They all have big law firms and stuff like that. Even if one of them is willing to take my case he probably has no money left after winning the sudden money wager with his father. At least not enough for an attorney fee…unless maybe they are connected to some other rich person who would give them the money just because they made him lose his last bet on purpose…But then again what do I care about all this sudden money crap anyway…Do you think there might be any chance someone could help us out here? You know, before we die or something? And should we try talking our way out of this mess rather than fighting back against these guys in court later on when their parents find out what happened—after they kill us and claim self-defense and demand compensation from our estates for killing off their sons and daughters who were defending themselves with knives….No wait! Wait! This is crazy; we still haven’t found out where these guys came from or why they did what they did in front of us at knife point yesterday afternoon down by the poolside tent at Beit Hagefen Beach Resort near Tiberias Lake in Northern

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