Best Lawyers For Stay At Home Moms Going Through Divorce In Chicago?

i need help, asap…. my husband has been screwing around on me for the past year and a half. i caught him doing it once so i confronted him about it. he got very angry at me, hung up on me and told me to go fuck myself because he was sick of being lied to by stupid women like me who take everything so seriously. after that incident he blocked my number completely from his phone. over time whenever we have seen each other which is once or twice a month when i can convince him to see us he’s become very short with me in front of our children, not speaking directly to them but just looking at them talking through us then ignoring their presence completely while screaming at the top of his lungs that they are ruining his family life by not taking care of themselves enough which is why they are single parents now living off someone else’s money! HE DOES NOT CARE ABOUT OUR CHILDREN AT ALL WHY SHOULD I? WE HAVE BEEN THROUGH SO MUCH AND I BELIEVE THAT HE LOVES ME BUT HOW CAN I TRUST THAT WHEN THIS IS THE ONLY TIME IN YEARS WHERE WE HAVE SEEN EACH OTHER BECAUSE OF HIS “WORK SCHEDULE”!! this needs addressing NOW… please any advice would be great.. thank you in advance 🙂

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