Best Lawyers For Speeding Tickets Around Root Ny?

Ans: Chicago, IL. One of the best lawyers for speeding tickets around is a man named David Schlusselmeier who has been practicing law in Illinois since 1988 and he was awarded “Best Lawyer” by the Better Business Bureau three times. In addition to these awards, Mr. Schlusselmeier recently won a $1 million verdict on behalf of an elderly client who suffered severe injuries after being hit by a vehicle while crossing the street. His practice consists entirely of personal injury cases including all types of automobile accidents and wrongful death claims as well as other serious injury cases such as brain injuries and amputations caused by medical malpractice or neglect . If you have been charged with excessive speed violations in Florida, New York City or anywhere else within this state then contact David Schluselmeier right away at (312) 446-0240 or visit his law offices at 1100 N Michigan Avenue Suite 3200 Chicago , IL 60611 He will be glad to help you out get your ticket dismissed!

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