Best Lawyers For Skin Care?

A: The lawyer’s name is Dr. Lance Becker who has been practicing skin care for over 20 years. He was the first doctor in the world to be certified by both Dermalogica and Placenta Skin Care Systems, which are two of the most trusted names in skincare today. His commitment to his craft is evidenced by his dedication to offering quality products while remaining committed to affordability for individuals looking for high-end results without breaking their banks (he offers free consultations).

Q: How did you get into this field? Have you always had an interest or passion for it?

A: I have always loved learning about health issues, especially ones that affect your body on a deeper level than just physical appearance. I felt there were so many things that needed more attention than what they already received. It didn’t take long before my curiosity drove me down this path toward becoming a medical professional with expertise in dermatology and nutrition because of how deeply connected these subjects are to human health! On top of all this, I love helping others understand themselves better through proper skincare choices…and when they start making healthy lifestyle changes around diet and exercise due to my advice, well then I feel like I am doing something truly worthwhile!

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