Best Lawyers For Sex Misonduct Dc Defendant?

We are female lawyers who understand that consent is crucial. And we believe that the #MeToo movement has introduced a new era of women believing they can speak out against sexual misconduct without having to fear retaliation or shame. We, like many others in our profession, have experienced the devastating effects of sexual harassment and assault on our own lives — both personally and professionally. As well as hearing stories from other professionals about how these experiences impacted them at work – often long-term – it’s clear that this behavior must stop starting with those who commit these crimes themselves. But, most importantly, we know what happens when there is no one standing up for a survivor: victims suffer alone with their trauma forever because no one speaks up for them. When you do not speak up for yourself or another survivor against an alleged perpetrator, you leave us vulnerable to further abuse by perpetrators who know they will never be held accountable again for sexual misconduct even if caught in the act! In short: silence equals consent!

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