Best Lawyers For Same-Sex Second Parent Adoption In Massachusetts?

A: There are no state legal aid programs to help you find a lawyer. We recommend the following resources as good places to start your search for an attorney who specializes in second parent adoption:

Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly’s Lawyer Referral Service – Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly publishes a monthly newsletter listing recommended lawyers by specialty and location. To find out which attorneys have been listed, you can call or write them directly at their offices – this is usually the best way to reach an attorney. You can also visit our resource page at . The blog post on the Lawyer Referral Service site provides additional information about how it works and answers common questions from readers seeking legal counsel regarding same-sex parents adoptions. The Blog Posts section of this website includes several posts from MassLawHelp members who have written about their experiences with law firms, courts & family lawyers during lawsuits involving same-sex couples who wanted to establish second parental rights after their spouse has died (such as my own experience). If you would like more information on how we make recommendations for reputable attorneys based on recent client feedback, please see the answer below to “How do I know if one of these lawyers will work with me?”

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