Best Lawyers For Rockbridge Reckless Driving?

A: I’m not sure what you’re looking for here. If she was charged with DWI, then she could be defended by an attorney who would look at the case and say “Wow, that’s a lot of evidence against her.” The lawyer might then ask her to take a breathalyzer (they’ll do it in the driver seat and put their hand on your shoulder) or even give them a blood sample. An attorney will also probably want to know if there is any other behavioral problem with the client such as drug use or mental illness.

Q: Can I file internet threats?

A: It depends on what you were threatened with and how serious it is/was. If someone threatens to harm you physically unless they get something done, most likely they are going to find themselves behind bars soon thereafter no matter how much money they have. However, if someone says things like “you need my help” or “I hate your guts,” chances are that they just don’t understand why their life isn’t going well right now and may not mean anything more than that which we say we mean when we send e-mail these days – generally nothing at all really!

More info about Internet Threats can be found here

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