Best Lawyers For Property Disputes?

It all depends on what you want to do.

For example, if your property dispute is with someone who has stolen money from you, then I’d say that the best lawyers for property disputes are either a private investigator or an attorney specializing in theft cases. And for this case, I absolutely recommend hiring one of these two people because they will be able to help get back what belongs to you more quickly than anyone else can.

But if your issue with the person who stole money from you was over something like unpaid child support, then I would not recommend using either of these professionals because running after someone and trying to get them arrested might end up costing much more money than it would have taken place between two attorneys for civil matters (like paying their hourly fees). So instead of wasting time by hiring both types of people, maybe just hire one professional and see how things go? Maybe hiring him won’t work out at all but it will cost less than hiring both types of professionals?

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