Best Lawyers For Process Tn Visa To Green Card For Candaina Citizens?

What is the best lawyers for process tn visa to green card for candaina citizens?

Quora, I am so frustrated with my situation. My husband applied for a TN Visa in Springfield, MO on 09/13/2014. He went through all the documents and was supposed to get it within 1-2 months but he still hasn’t received anything from USCIS even after 7 weeks of waiting. What are the chances that they will approve him? How do you go about getting your husband his citizenship if he gets deported before being granted citizenship by U.S.? What are the chances that he could be approved back here again once this happens because I’m sure there will be more things other than just economic reasons why this would happen? If anyone knows how long it takes USCIS to respond or what their policy is please reply asap!! Thank you!

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