Best Lawyers For Probate Judge Recusal In Ma?

The chief justice of the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court has a not-so-great record in recusing himself from cases involving lawyers who have done legal work for his wife’s law firm. Last year, he ruled against a probate judge in Boston after she was sued by a lawyer who had been her personal attorney when she was lieutenant governor. In that case, the attorney asked the court to remove Judge Mary Ann Driscoll from several matters after he received documents containing information about her past financial dealings that were revealed during discovery proceedings in connection with another lawsuit filed by former state Senator Brian Joyce (D). The files contained records of fees and expenses paid to Mark Cohen and other associates while they served as private attorneys for two hospitals owned by Commonwealth Medical Center, where Judge Driscoll served on an unpaid volunteer board. It is unclear what role Governor Deval Patrick played in all this — we called him but never heard back — but we do know there are some interesting connections between them: Patrick interned at one of Driscoll’s previous firms; Gov. Mitt Romney appointed Patrice Egan to be his top aide at MIT; Obama picked Deval Patrick as head of health reform implementation; and it turns out that both Dick O’Brien and Michael Dukakis went to Harvard Law School together (O’Brien worked briefly under Paul Wolfowitz while Dukakis taught at Princeton). When told last week that I might write about this matter, Chief Justice Roberts said only

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