Best Lawyers For Probate In And Out Of State?

If you have a will and it is properly recorded with the probate court, and your estate passes to beneficiaries as planned. But what if there is no will? What do you do when there is no will or the one that was created lacked good legal advice? Unfortunately, most people leave their estates in such an unorganized manner that they cannot be administered without confusion and possible legal problems. All residents of Ohio (and presumably all other states) must file their estates by “probating” them for purposes of administering them after death – according to state laws – before any debts can be paid out of an estate; this process takes place at least six months after death. If a decedent had not previously filed his/her last known address on record with the local probate office, then it may take some time for us to find where he/she lived while living in Ohio prior to his/her death.

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