Best Lawyers For Police Crimes?

The Lawyers Committee for Better Justice (LCBJ) is a national organization dedicated to empowering and representing people charged with low-level, non-violent crimes. We make sure that the “the best lawyers” are present at bail hearings and bond decisions for defendants who cannot afford their own lawyer; we provide free pretrial legal services; we advocate on behalf of wrongfully convicted prisoners and families of victims of police violence; and we educate the public about the importance of good lawyering in reducing crime while ensuring fairness in our criminal justice system. Since its inception, LCBJ has been led by members from both sides of the bar: active attorneys as well as law students interested in learning more about how wrongful conviction happens, what it takes to beat them back, and how you can get involved helping ensure our clients have access to quality representation throughout their trials.

Who sponsors this event?

La Raza Centro Legal is a nonprofit civil rights organization dedicated to addressing issues impacting poor communities through education programs designed specifically for youth, serving immigrant communities nationwide. La Raza Centro Legal’s mission is to empower underserved youth through innovative leadership development programs rooted in Latino culture which encourage young people’s positive engagement with community institutions such as schools, churches, civic organizations and neighborhood groups. The goal is not only achievement but also empowerment so these children will become responsible citizens capable of exercising political power within their neighborhoods

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