Best Lawyers For Pharmaceuticals?

A: The best lawyers for pharmaceuticals are the attorneys who take the cases that their clients bring to them. Lawyers like Burt Neuborne and Bill Lann Lee did not go to work at Covington & Burling because they were looking for a big firm with lots of business; they went there because they wanted to do pro bono work. They were passionate about doing it, and that made all the difference. I guess what I’m saying is that you should look at your own motivation before deciding where to spend your time and energy.

Q: Is brain science going to change our view of law?

A: Brain science will be an important part of how we understand legal issues, but it can’t answer everything—that’s why we need other disciplines as well, such as psychology and anthropology and sociology and so on. We must also speak in terms that scientists can begin to understand if we want them to help us improve legal education or promote better public policy decisions through neuroscience research or neurolaw issues more generally.


The Ethics Behind Legal Decision-Making

1) There is no such thing as absolute ethics in any field (except perhaps religion). Therefore, consider ethical questions from a “moral point of view”—a perspective designed simply for understanding morality itself rather than reaching conclusions about moral conduct based upon ethical principles applied outside this context (i eg., adultery versus murder).2)

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