Best Lawyers For Partner Disputes?

To find out, we turned to the research on gender and leadership. It turns out that women tend to take up less risk than men in general: They’re more likely to avoid taking big risks, and they’re less likely than men to commit their resources and energy totally into a single idea or project. When there is high interdependence between people—for example, when everyone depends on each other for money—the key trait for success is being able not just to assign tasks but also fully invest one’s attention in them. Men are better at that because of their greater tendency toward risk-taking; women are better at it because both sexes have evolved mechanisms that allow them to assess potential partners behaviorally before deciding whether or not they want anything sexual from them. This makes sense evolutionarily speaking: If you have sex with someone who doesn’t seem interested in you as much as you are interested in him/her, your genes don’t get any rewards from having offspring with this person if he won’t bear children himself (since the only thing that matters here isn’t what traits you pass down but how many descendants can be traced back through time). The same goes for mate choice: Women prefer males whose behaviors indicate higher degrees of commitment, whereas men prefer females whose behaviors indicate higher degrees of fertility (and vice versa).

But even though both sexes are predisposed towards different levels of risk aversion depending on the

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