Best Lawyers For Non Competes?

wicker_woody I have to agree on this.

I got a call from some guy wanting to know about the possibility of me starting an auto company that would put my name on their cars. He wanted money up front ($20,000 or so) and then he’d give me 10% share of his company. He said it was all legal, but he didn’t say how etc., etc., etc…

The next day I get another call asking if I can make him more money. This time they offered $10,000 upfront with 15% share in the profits for life! But there were no guarantees whatsoever! Didn’t matter what kind of car sales they did, as long as they sold them at least one every 3 months. And you had to be present when they made them available for sale (which meant doing nothing until someone called). They also told me that if any big corporation came looking around inquiring about buying shares in their companies’ stocks, that it would only cost them more money … which sounded good until I realized who was financing these deals … the same people who gave us Enron and WorldCom!!

So now we’ve got two guys with bad ethics trying to set up business deals out here selling stock packages based on nothing but promises!!! WOW!!!!! Talk about FRAUDULENT!!!!!! Are you kidding? If anything happens after these “investments” are made – like the economy goes sour –

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