Best Lawyers For Medical School Dismissal?

The case of Dr. Ronald Paulus, an ear, nose and throat specialist who was arrested in 1991 for practicing medicine without a license and is now serving time in prison after losing his appeal to overturn the conviction, is one that has received far too little attention. The prosecution’s false claims against him do not seem to bear close scrutiny: “Paulus sought to treat children with cancer-causing viruses from swine flu as well as HIV, hepatitis A and B viruses. In addition he treated patients with cancerous tumors on their faces through the use of radio frequency waves . . . all without a license.” He also performed surgeries on some blind people by injecting them with vitamin A tablets through the eyes – causing blindness – despite having no medical training or credentials for this procedure at all. And then there was the matter of performing abortions on women whom he did not even treat! Can you imagine a lawyer taking such cases?

In another case involving medical school students who were convicted of murder charges but later exonerated when it turned out they had been involved innocently in deadly car accidents which killed others, we find lawyers defending their clients being paid handsomely from taxpayer money while suing states over inmate rights violations during executions – something I consider unconscionable given what we know about botched executions leading up to death row inmates being put back into situations where they have more chances for life-threatening mishaps – just because they are going to die anyway! One famous

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