Best Lawyers For Medical Negligence Plano Tx?

I’m going to file a lawsuit against the doctor I had surgery on. I’ve been trying to find an attorney who can help me because it’s not very easy for me to do this alone, but no one seems to know anything about medical malpractice & wrongful death lawsuits in Plano Texas. Can anyone recommend a good lawyer? My injuries are physical as well as emotional . I suffer from depression and anxiety , which make my recovery difficult. Please help!

How much would it cost to be represented by your firm? – Dallas Personal Injury Lawyer: What is the hourly rate for your firm? – Dallas Personal Injury Lawyer: How much does it cost per hour or half day before we even begin our examination of potential cases and case preparation ? – Dallas Personal Injury Lawyer: Is there any way you could provide us with what percentage of time is spent preparing for trial versus actually examining potential clients’ cases so we may better prepare ourselves for such matters during our training stage ? Thank You ! – Sydney, Australia

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