Best Lawyers For Medical Injuries?

Who is the best lawyer for medical injuries? Who is the best lawyer for criminal injury claims in Texas? If you need a knowledgeable and skilled attorney with deep experience, we can really help. The Whitten Law Firm has been helping families who have suffered personal injuries since 1987, and we’re ready to fight on your behalf. Call us at (512) 943-9200 and set up a free consultation today!

Family members of accident victims are entitled to compensation under Texas law. You may be able to file a claim if: The victim was killed or injured while serving in the military during wartime; Motor vehicle traffic accidents caused death or serious physical impairment; Workplace incidents resulted in an “at-fault” injury that harmed one’s health or ability to earn income; Medical malpractice led to harm, pain, suffering or decreased quality of life After reviewing all of the facts surrounding your case so far, it will be decided whether further proceedings are required by either party before our firm enters into litigation.

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