Best Lawyers For Marriage Green Card?

Due to the fact that immigration law is so complicated, it can be difficult for a foreigner who does not understand how it works to have the best lawyers for marriage green card. This is why it is important for you to find an attorney who has experience with this process. If your lawyer does not have much experience in these types of cases, they are most likely going to make mistakes or even fail at their job.

Can I get deported if my marriage fails?

Yes, but only if you were married before February 14th of 2015 and did not apply for a U Visa before then. Before these new laws went into effect, people could still go back into the United States after being deported because there was no way that they would be deported legally due to domestic abuse or something else serious enough on their own merit warranting deportation. However now after February 2014 anyone discharged from any type of relationship by either party can come back under these new laws as long as they do not meet certain other conditions outlined above besides simply being married prior to January 2nd of 2015 without having applied for a U visa first…which means we need them! We want them!!!

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