Best Lawyers For Lease Issues?

I’m having a lot of problems with my landlord and his lawyer. What should I do?

I have been trying to get out from under the lease for years, but can never find an attorney who will take on this case as a pro per plaintiff. My landlord has filed numerous appeals/violations against me in court, which is being handled by a judge that won’t listen to reason or agree to reasonable compromises. He just keeps raising the issues again and again until he wins each time! Not only does it cost me thousands of dollars in legal fees every year, but now I am also paying rent because there are no apartments available yet if one is vacated before the lease runs out (which they always seem to be). The largest problem at hand right now is whether or not I can evict him from my apartment when the lease expires without going through all these violations first–ie: getting an order from a judge saying he has violated some law/rule that gives me permission to evict him..My biggest fear is that since most judges don’t know squat about leases, landlords or tenants rights etc., they might rule against me if it goes before them! Does someone really win every single time??

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