Best Lawyers For Insurance M&A?

I’m looking to hire a lawyer for the insurance m&a transaction. I’ve already done my due diligence on legal firms in New York, but would appreciate some recommendations from other parts of the country. Is there any way you can help?

How much will state farm pay me if i sue them ?

im not realy sure what happened but im sued by them and they are saying that i was checkng their house when it shouldnt have been ! how much do u think they are going to pay me ?? its not really alot of money. thankz !!!””””””””””PAMELA MCGEE” RENTALS “CARS FOR SALE” 561-839-1000 2760 E 4TH ST YONKERS NY 10510 Fax: 631 885 0533 PM… “””””””””HELLO EVERYONE IM PAMELA MCCLURE . I AM THE OWNER OF A CAR RENTAL BUSINESS WITH ABOUT 14 VEHICLES IN BABYFACE MOTORS INC,. MY PRICE LIST IS EXTREMELY REASONABLE AND WE OFFER OUR CUSTOMERS LOW DEDUCTIBLE INSURANCE ON THEIR CAR HIRE IF THEY CHOOSE TO USE IT (ALL CARS ARE FULLY INSURED).WE OFFER FREE TOWING OF YOUR VEHICLE AND BREAKAGE COVERAGE FROM ANY FAULTY PART THAT MAY HAVE BE

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