Best Lawyers For Indian Family Immigration?

Can a family with a petition based on an american married couple or unmarried partner immigrate to canada?

Answer: A. If their marriage was in the usa, then they may be eligible for spousal sponsorship under USCIS’s Affidavit for Spouse(e) of U.S. Citizen-Application for Permanent Residence (Form I-130). They must prove that at least one spouse is a US citizen, and if only one spouse is from the USA, he/she will have to show that s/he has been living abroad w/ his/her spouse since before filing date . After approval of Form I-130 by USCIS , then they would apply for Temporary Protected Status (TPS), which allows them to work and live legally in Canada while staying here until final resolution of their immigration status in the United States . In this case , they might use our services as well because we are experts in representing clients who have been denied TPS applications through USCIS

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