Best Lawyers For Hernia Mesh Cases?

“I don’t know, but I doubt it would be anybody at the office of my former mentor.”

The voice on the phone was gruff. “Does she have a criminal record?”

It took me a second to realize that he was asking if Paula had ever been arrested or convicted of any crimes. Partly because I didn’t know what he meant by “convicted,” and partly because this question seemed like such an odd thing for Tony Mandino to ask his own lawyer about on the telephone. But then again, maybe not; prison pen pals were known to write copious letters from their inmates while also serving as attorneys and agents for other prisoners looking to cut deals with prosecutors in exchange for favorable plea bargains and reduced sentences. The practice even sometimes resulted in questions being raised during trials about whether witnesses had paid money or received favors from friends who happened to be locked up somewhere else; we referred those cases as “prison snitch testimony cases—which elicited looks of skepticism from jurors who never knew exactly where they stood with Mr., Ms., or Mrs. Snitch-Who-Is-Actually-Just-A–Friend-Of–A–Prisoner, And Who Is Probably Going To Be Sentenced To Life If They Don’t Lie On The Witness Stand So That Some Prisoner Can Get Out Early Or Reduce His Own Sentence By Performing Some

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