Best Lawyers For Guardianship And Disability?

When a person is incapacitated and lacks the ability to care for themselves, who should be appointed as their legal representative?

Are you looking for a lawyer that can handle all aspects of Guardianship cases? You will find that we have the best lawyers in the state. We work on every aspect of your case – from start to finish. Our staff has over 20 years experience handling guardianships and disability benefits, including: Long-Term Care (LTC) Long-term care insurance (LLTC), also known as Medicare coverage, allows individuals with disabilities or illnesses to receive payments from Social Security after they become unable to perform some or all functions of everyday life on their own. The first part of LTC insurance is called “medically needy” and covers people who need help with daily living activities such as bathing/grooming; toileting; eating; dressing; carrying groceries or medication; managing money and controlling sexual activity.*(Social Security Administration). Beneficiaries must apply each year to continue receiving this benefit until they reach full retirement age (FRA). At FRA beneficiaries may elect between three levels of income replacement benefits: $0-$564 per month ($4,620 per year). $565-$1,216 per month ($7,460 per year). $1,217+ per month ($12,360 annually.) How much does long term care cost? A monthly rate can range anywhere from $500 -$2,000 depending upon how many

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