Best Lawyers For Forcible Entry And Detainer Anch Ak?

In the United States, a forcible entry and detainer (FED) is an action for possession of real property. A FED case begins as a lawsuit filed in state court. The plaintiff sues the defendant to obtain control over property allegedly owned by someone else without valid title, or for possession of real property that has been unlawfully occupied.[1] The judge signs an order granting temporary possession of the disputed property to the plaintiff until a final decision on ownership can be made.[2] If there are no defenses to re?occupation—such as a mortgage foreclosure sale—the process ends with a determination that there is no longer any legally enforceable right of occupancy. The defendants then have 30 days from receipt of notice from the court[3] to vacate their occupation before legal proceedings use physical force begin at law enforcement agencies such as sheriff’s deputies, police officers and/or marshals, who may forcibly evict occupants who refuse orders or do not leave voluntarily.[4][5] Judges have significant discretion in determining whether this amount of time should be used,[6][7] usually setting it between 15 and 60 days.[8] In most states courts will allow eviction after only one attempt if they find “good cause” exists; but this period must be at least 14 days,[9][10][11][12][13]] which removes much flexibility; those who cannot afford repeated attempts can simply wait out tenants until their lease expires (which transfers them into illegal tenant status

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