Best Lawyers For Felonies Austin Tx?

If you’ve been charged with a felony, it is important to retain the best criminal defense lawyer in Austin Texas. A good seasoned attorney will understand your rights and also give you a strong defense against any of these crimes:

Aggravated Assault or Attempted Aggravated Assault- It may seem simple to charge somebody with aggravated assault but the punishment can be severe. In this crime, if someone causes bodily injury while committing an attempted offense, they are guilty of aggravated assault by use of a deadly weapon. The penalty for this crime depends on many factors such as how much force was used or whether there were multiple victims at the time. Plus since some people have more than one misdemeanor conviction within ten years, an additional sentence may be added onto aforementioned penalties. So if you want to avoid being sent off for life in prison look no further than hiring a great criminal defense lawyer who knows how to fight aggressively for his clients’ freedom!

Kidnapping- If anyone attempts to abduct another person without their consent then they could face charges for kidnapping which comes with substantial penalties depending on what kind of victim was abducted and other circumstances surrounding the case . It is wise not only because it is punishable by 5 years or more in prison but also because many times kidnappers try to negotiate behind locked doors that would allow them escape punishment just like Carl Lee Reid did when he shot Julie Burchill before shooting himself dead!

Failure To Identify – Being convicted under failure

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