Best Lawyers For Fathers Rights In Michigan City Indiana?

I am being forced to have my son for adoption, but i would like the court to allow me to be part of the process. I want them to let me file a motion that if they deny it then i can appeal with an attorney and give him or her evidence of why i should be allowed. How do you find lawyers for fathers rights in michigan city indiana?

What are some good laws about parental rights in california?

I was raped at 13 years old by our babysitter. After he assaulted me, his wife took my sister away from us and told me I had broken up their family since she was only 6 months old when he started raping her. She also said she thought my mom gave permission for this abuse even though both women were still married at the time (they divorced shortly after). He is currently serving 25-30 years in prison on another charge where I caught him trying to rape one of his ex-girlfriends while they were on vacation together (he thought it would keep her quiet) so now there are no witnesses against him! My mother never got help because she wanted custody over the kids…she has since taken all 3 children back….do you know any thing about CALIFORNIA’S PATERNAL RIGHTS ACT OF 1994?? If not could you recommend anyone who does??? This man needs counseling too!! Please reply asap!!!! Thank you!!! What are some good laws about parental rights in calif

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