Best Lawyers For Family Immigration In San Jose?

The issue of family immigration seemed to be taking over the news, and it was no surprise that Kevin’s name appeared on this list. Kevin is someone you can trust to help your family become legal citizens in California. He will work with you throughout your entire process, helping you every step of the way until your application for residency has been approved by USCIS (US Citizenship and Immigration Services).

How much does an attorney cost?

It depends upon what type of services are required for each case. You should ask about any additional fees or fines charged after filing an initial petition (such as a green card). Other fees may include: translating documents; preparing translations; medical examinations; passport photos; fingerprinting; home visits before interviews etc… All these expenses must be paid prior to approval by USCIS. Consultations with other attorneys may also incur costs, depending upon the time involved in researching which attorney would best serve each individual client needs whether they are representing individuals who have US citizen children or couples who wish to apply together as one unit. Contact us today!

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