Best Lawyers For False Accusations Sex Crime?

The majority of cases in the U.S. involve false allegations of rape and sexual assault, including a study by the National Center for Women and Policing that found that one-third of all reported rapes never happened, but only 10% result in dismissal or arrest. The question is not whether men are getting falsely accused—it’s how to stop it from happening.

In an effort to do just that, a group called Project PIE (Preventing Inappropriate Encounters) has been working on a way to discourage false accusations by encouraging victims who feel their case may have merit to come forward themselves instead of waiting for law enforcement officials to initiate charges against perpetrators up front—a process known as “investigation before indictment” or IBI. Their proposed solution is called the Rape Investigation Protocol (RAP), which involves both parties being interviewed simultaneously during police investigations without distinction between innocent suspects and accusers whose claims cannot be substantiated under oath due to inconsistency in accounts, drug use at time of incident etc., according to Marisa Randazzo, president/founder/CEO of Project PIE Inc.. If convicted based solely on victim testimony without corroborating evidence then no jail time would be served; however if it was determined there was sufficient reason for significant doubts about the veracity of witness account(s) then incarceration would take place regardless if nothing had actually occurred after all other investigative avenues had been exhausted prior thereto . Regardless , current state laws already allow

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