Best Lawyers For Estate Planning In Milwaukee Area?

Do you want to be contacted if your loved one dies without a will? Will it be easier for your family members or friends to take care of the estate and assets if there is an estate plan in place? There are many reasons that people do not create a will. Some people simply don’t know what they own, while others may think that it’s unnecessary because their heirs won’t need anything from them after they die. It can also be more convenient to leave everything in the hands of an executor who manages all financial matters, such as paying bills and managing investments, but this can lead to problems when someone mismanages these affairs. Finally, some people assume that probate court proceedings are not required with a valid Last Will and Testament (LW&T) since nothing will change once they pass away anyway. However, probate court proceedings must still occur with any type of last will and testament . This article discusses why creating a last will and testament is important even though we often think we’re doing something else when we sign our name at the end of one instead: by naming someone else as executor or revoking powers granted under other wills or trusts , among other things.

When Someone Dies Without A Will In Wisconsin If someone doesn’t have a valid Last Will & Testament (LW&T), his/her property passes according to intestacy rules which apply only in certain situations involving spouses married 50 years or less whose estates are valued below $50k

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