Best Lawyers For Eb5 Immigration?

Voted up and down, most of the time you’ll get a better deal with lawyers than through an online service. I say most of the time because there are some exceptions: If you want something done fast or if you’re very busy, it’s okay to go with Web-based services. But if not, call your local lawyer first. And don’t forget that even though your lawyer will be paid for his work on your case, he needs to take fees from other people in order to keep practicing law. He has bills to pay too! So do at least ask him what sort of additional fees he expects for this transaction – they could be quite high if he’s representing several clients at once or doing other business while handling yours. You should also discuss whether any legal expenses are covered under the EB5 investment plan (see below). The only exception is if all the documentation is already available online – see “Is my paperwork ready?” above.

How much does it cost?

The price varies depending on how extensive your immigration petition needs are; how many years each investor has invested in EB-5 projects; whether or not you have children who would benefit from immigrating here legally; and many other factors that can affect costs greatly but which won’t show up until after we’ve reviewed everything together over the phone during our consultation appointment(s). This is why it’s always best to call us before submitting anything online so that we can give you an accurate estimate

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