Best Lawyers For Dv Lotttery?

10:13 am crosshair

Nancy, I’m not a lawyer. But if the guy is running a scam and you have evidence of it, or he was doing something wrong in his business dealings, you would be within your rights to sue him for fraud. You wouldn’t need to go through any lawyers. If there was no fraud involved… well maybe he should pay back what he overcharged you… but that’s up to the IRS/State Attorney Generals’ offices anyway.

FYI – I don’t know how certain states handle this kind of thing.. but in Florida, each state has its own rules about who can call themselves “attorney.” The only people allowed by law are licensed attorneys (and registered non-profits). Anything else is illegal unless they are specifically named as legal counsel on an official document (such as deed contracts or other paperwork). The same goes for anyone who signs foils with “Attorney” written underneath their names while using the title at all times without actually being licensed / registered with office hours etc… It’s also against the law to use someone else’s name on documents when signing them (“John Smith” should not sign blank papers where “John Smith attorney” appears next to his signature)

If someone tells you that they’re an attorney and then later refuses to take responsibility when things go bad between them and their customer…. well, if everything wasn’t so damn complicated these days…we could just put them

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