Best Lawyers For Dui?

Not by the reputation of his office.

“The unfortunate thing is that no one ever knows what it really means, or if someone actually has a problem. It’s very hard to tell,” said Michael Yaffe, an attorney who specializes in defending people accused of driving under the influence in New Jersey. “It depends on how you look at it and whom you talk to about it. There are some great attorneys out there but they have their own issues with DUIs so they don’t go around advertising themselves as DUI lawyers.”

DUI defense lawyer & legal analyst Dan Efros agrees: “I think he’s being looked down upon because everyone knows what he did,” Efros said of Grewal’s record..” And I’m not saying that he didn’t deserve jail time or whatever else happened — I’m just saying that … If this was somebody who had never had any problems before, then yeah.”

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