Best Lawyers For Drunk In Public?

“No, but I wanted to know if you had a back-up plan.”

I went over the details of my case with him and he agreed that I was pretty much screwed. He said that since the police didn’t have enough evidence to charge me, they would try to get a warrant from a judge for my DNA at some point in the future. If it worked out, then he could file an appeal which would send this whole thing back down to county court where they wouldn’t be able to prove up their original allegations against me. If not… well, we really weren’t supposed to talk about plans like this until after we were charged by order of Judge Parker so he told me there was no need for concern on my part just yet. Then your lawyer called and asked what you were doing tonight? “With who? Is she bringing her own bottle of wine? Do you want one? What kind do you prefer? How many glasses are needed before someone can say without any question whatsoever that it is time for bed or time for breakfast or whatever else life dictates these days…. hmmm… yeah.. fuck it.. let’s go… hold up! There’s no need for concern here because I am still innocent…. That’s right! Innocent as fucking eggs!!! The only ones involved in this fiasco are those rotten cops! You remember Detective Carlton who arrested us yesterday morning don’t ya?! HAHAHAHAH

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