Best Lawyers For Driving Offences?

The legal profession is self-regulated by the Law Society of Scotland, and it’s an offence to practise without being a member. It costs £320 to join (though you can get in for free if you’re unemployed or earning less than £14,000 per year). Membership doesn’t guarantee professional success (some firms are very bad), but at least you’ll know where your money is going.

How many dentists are there?

There are more than 6500 registered dentists in Scotland – that means that roughly one dentist per 1,100 people works here. London has about 740 (about one every 1,200) while Manchester has just over 200 (one every 700). The average income for UK dentists was around £35,000 last year; in Scotland the figure was around £33k – not much higher than average earnings across all professions.

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