Best Lawyers For Doctor Malpractice?

The Texas Medical Board has a lawyer directory available for physicians who have been disciplined by the board, but it does not include information about lawyers. It is recommended that you contact the disciplinary counsel’s office in your area to find out if they know of any lawyers who would be willing to represent you. If there are no doctors seeking legal representation in your area then don’t give up hope yet! There are companies that specialize in locating attorneys for doctor malpractice victims who have been sanctioned by state medical boards, and they can help connect patients with experienced attorney’s at little or no cost. Such firms will evaluate your case against all of its possible outcomes (including an appeal) and make their recommendations on whether they believe it is worth pursuing further. Unlike some other firms which do this work for free, these services charge fees based on negotiated rates between client and attorney; however, many clients feel like their cases are worth more than what these funds earn them so most choose to pay whatever amounts they think their case is truly worth.

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