Best Lawyers For Diabetes Cases?

I have a friend who went through his health insurance company’s lawyer. He met with one lawyer, and she told him the policy only covered two types of diabetes — Type 1 or Type 2. So he made an appointment to see another attorney, who said that it was actually possible for someone to have both types – but not in the same day. In other words, when you go into a hospital there are certain tests that must be done first before they will give you insulin or test strips if your blood sugar is too high. But in order for her to make a claim against their insurance company, my friends case had to meet three criteria: 1) The patient had been diagnosed with diabetes; 2) the patient required insulin or testing strips at least twice daily; 3)the treatment exceeded what their insurance company would pay for under normal conditions (that is why my friend didn’t get any money from them). Needless to say he felt like he got royally screwed over by this system!

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