Best Lawyers For Debt Cllectionsyahoo?

Scary, sure – but it doesn’t have to be a huge headache.

The law firm of Saaty and Harlan is here to provide you with a safe haven from your debt collection calls. We understand that it can be difficult when the phone rings at night or in the middle of the day and someone asks you for money. Our goal is to help keep this from happening by helping our clients gain control over their debts. In most cases, we can work with creditors to negotiate settlements that will put them into compliance while not harming our client’s credit report in any way whatsoever. And if we cannot achieve a settlement both parties are happy with, we make sure there is no harm done on either side through litigation tactics such as motions which only serve to drain valuable time and resources away from our clients instead of bringing about a solution they could accept without being harmed financially or otherwise negatively affected by this process…. Read more

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